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We have a simple four step process that has always allowed us to arrive at our destination on time.

1. Vision meeting

The vision meeting help guide us to what the clients vision and objectives are. This is an essential part of the process

2. Environmental scan (research)

Every vision carries with it a mission – we take the time to research and review the vision and look to understand the mission that we must undertake to get to our destination. The environmental scan – is like when a pilot is flying to a destination – they have to know the weather so that they can prepare accurately for the destination.

3. Project plan

Our project plan are an outline of the results received from both the VM and Environmental scan. We map out a full plan with costs breakdown of what it will cost to arrive at our destination.

4. Project execution

We deliver the project plan process with weekly or bi-weekly meetings. How we carry out the execution of each project is always based on the scale and scope of each project.

5. Project reporting

When the project has been completed – we give a detailed report – the report can range from a 10 page report to a 20 page report. The report is also followed by an internal Case Study – which highlights lesson learnt – what we could have done better. So, two parallel reports are drawn up the one talks about the flight plan and other talks about what we experienced on the flight vs what we had envisioned through the Environmental Scan


Simphiwe Mtetwa

Simphiwe Mtetwa


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Jane Mqamelo

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Liezl Russell


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