Building A Brighter Future For South Africa Through CSI

A new tool allows operators to find the most cost-effective
blend to achieve a desired grade.


Welcome To The Quarterly

The Quarterly serves as a convenient hub of information and tools, specifically crafted for the dynamic role of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Managers. The team led by Simphiwe Mtetwa delivers valuable insights into the evolving sector. The report also features discussions on both established and rising trends. It’s a go-to resource for contemporary CSI Managers in South Africa, providing solutions that are just a click away.

The Quarterly is dedicated to showcasing vetted projects ripe for partnerships and the cutting-edge of research. It delves into current and pertinent topics, offering insights and findings from seasoned experts to those at the helm of CSI leadership and management. With a specific focus on CSI Operations, Management, and Strategy, it features discussions with subject matter experts on effective practices and prevailing challenges within the sector.

We have assembled a team of talented and experienced authors, journalists, project coordinators, and managers, many of whom have previously worked for some of South Africa’s most prestigious businesses. The objective of the Quarterly is to assist the CSI Manager by providing the necessary tools and insights to combat poverty, unemployment, and inequality over the next 30 years.

Letter From Our Editor-In-Chief

“Our nation stands at a crucial juncture, facing the persistent challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality. These issues are deeply intertwined, creating a complex web that requires innovative, sustained, and collaborative efforts to untangle.”

Simphiwe Mtetwa

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