FINALIST: Coca-Cola’s Groundbreaking R12 Million Project, Powered Entirely By Renewable Solar Energy.

In the historical town of Graaff-Reinet, water scarcity has been an enduring challenge, exacerbated by recurrent droughts affecting the Nqweba Dam, the town’s primary water source. As the population has grown, so too have the difficulties associated with water supply, sparking a two-century-long controversy for residents. Groundwater has emerged as a vital alternative, with multiple drilling programmes initiated since 2017, but the introduction of Eskom’s load shedding disrupted water extraction, presenting new challenges.

In response to these issues, Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBA) embarked on a transformative initiative. In June 2023, they launched a groundbreaking R12 million project, powered entirely by renewable solar energy. This visionary effort seeks to ensure water security for the diverse community of Graaff-Reinet, providing a substantial boost to the drought-stricken region.

The solar-powered project is a testament to CCBA’s commitment to its 2030 Water Security Strategy. It aims to replenish every drop of water the company uses back to communities and the environment. The borehole pump, extracting at an impressive rate of 107,000 litres per hour, comprises four borehole sites in the Mimosadale well field. Independently fuelled by renewable solar energy, this project can fill the town’s 18 mega-litre storage reservoirs at a rate of 1.5 mega-litres per month, benefiting 3,882 households and a total population of 20,449 residents, with a focus on supporting the 1,680 registered as impoverished.

This initiative underscores CCBA’s awareness of the importance of water conservation in a water-scarce country prone to droughts, contributing to long-term water and sanitation solutions crucial for social and economic prosperity.

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