A tool which allows clients to find the most effective
blend to achieve their vision of reaching their desired community.

Our articles are not only about improving CSI, they are about reimagining CSI.

The articles we write and deliver combine the most comprehensive source of data with powerful desktop research to help CSI South Africa’s organisations to make better impact decisions.

The core of our content writing is to develop and architect content that helps us see a different perspective, drive progress and transformation.  As a third world developing nation with first world mentality – it is important that our content drives a view of knowledge, insight and leadership.  Our content ignites, questions or inspires progress.

Our clients trust us to deliver cutting-edge content that helps them clarify their vision.  They come to us because we are steeped in the work of CSI always exploring new theories – working on new trends and interviewing a whole host of leaders.


articles leading to decision maker meeting change agent.
Million Rand given to Four NGOs and social entrepreneurial organisations
Years or less that these connections and monies have changed hands


General articles

Our general articles take two forms: sharing relevant CSI information and raising contentious or burning issues. Our years of experience in the corporate and NGO worlds enables us to write with a deep understanding of the CSI terrain. Some of our general articles have been conversation starters in boardrooms – particularly when we challenge outdated ideas and methods. In general, our articles broaden and deepen our readers’ understanding of CSI.

Insight articles

Knowledge of the facts is one thing, but insight is another. Experience is what gives writers insight. Our writers have worked in the development field and are familiar with the issues facing NGO staff and CSI managers.

We follow a five-step approach when writing insight pieces for our clients:

• Establish the context.

• Communicate the challenge.

• Explain why the problem exists.

• Envision the ideal.

• Research and make recommendations.

Thought-leadership articles

Every sector has its pioneers or thought leaders. This is particularly the case in the development field, where methodologies are continually advanced and successes lead to new understandings. We invite CSI leaders to offer us their insights and experience and assist them to craft thought leadership pieces that challenge, entertain and inform.

When a reader is left thinking, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ or ‘Now it makes sense,’ that is a well-written thought leadership piece.


Liezl Russell

Liezl Russell

Editor At Large

I am an Afrikaans and English journalist, content writer, and project coordinator. I specialise in creating well-researched, original content for print and online media. I am skilled at simplifying complex content while maintaining sophistication and nuance. I am able to write.

Merishka Megnath

Merishka Megnath

Contributing Editor

I have always been inclined toward understanding the inner workings of human beings; individually, culturally, communally, and globally. This led me to explore social anthropology, eastern philosophy, family and wellbeing studies.

Brenda van der Zee

Brenda van der Zee

Trends Editor

I have always been inclined toward understanding the inner workings of human beings; individually, culturally, communally, and globally. This led me to explore social anthropology, eastern philosophy, family and wellbeing studies.


We wrote an and published an article for a client using our communication model, methods and insight that intern got them over ZAR1 million rand in three months from NEDBANK

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We met with the client to understand their vision.  The client told us what their hopes were – skeptical as they were as they had never truly advertised or tried this mode of communication before. The vision meeting help guide us to what the clients vision and objectives are.  This is an essential part of the process.

We met with the client, a medium-sized NGO, to understand their vision.  They explained their hopes for the article, admitting to scepticism with regard to its value, as they had never promoted their work before. The vision meeting gave us a strong sense of the client’s values, needs and objectives.

We conducted research and due diligence, and gave the client a costing for a single article on our various platforms.  We advised on the angle of the article and went ahead with writing and design. The article was sent to the client for approval.

The client had opted for the premium offering, which entails publishing on our digital technology platform (DTP).  Once the article was on our platform, the client realised they wanted to broaden the readership and enquired how the article might be promoted.

We advised the client to take the ‘industry newsletter’ and the ‘Editor’s mention’ options.  The industry newsletter has a broad   readership, while the Editor’s mention reaches 4000 CSI professionals and is key to be noticed by decision makers.

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