CSR News Launches Media Institute To Support Next Generation Of Media Professionals

Johannesburg, South Africa – CSR News has launched the CSR News Media Institute to support and develop the next generation of media professionals. Managed by the GivenGroup Foundation, the institute includes Ink Media Productions and offers 180 to 365 days of experiential training in social, digital, and production media industries. CSR News is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the media industry, and its programmes are open to all individuals, regardless of their background or experience. CSR Media Institute provides career counseling and on-the-field paid internship programmes to assist graduates and enthusiasts in pursuing their desired roles in production media.

The organisation aims to create an environment that encourages participants to take on challenges and explore their creative potential. CSR News Media Institute believes that with their programmes, participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals. The Media Institute’s launch marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s journey towards creating a more socially responsible media industry.

The institute will be managed by a long-time affiliate of CSR News – Tebogo Losaba, a training photographer and ex-project coordinator at CSR News. The CSR News Media Institute is expected to have a significant impact on the creative industry by preparing aspiring creatives for real-world scenarios.

CSR News is proud to share the success story of Dylan Wade Joseph, a multi-talented Graphic and Web Designer, as a testament to the effectiveness of their training. Dylan began working with CSR News as a Freelance Graphic Designer and quickly learned the value of hard work and dedication under the mentorship of the professionals at CSR News Media Institute. Working on real-world projects at CSR News provided Dylan with a valuable learning experience that he believes sets it apart from traditional education or training.

Dylan credits his time at CSR News with helping him gain the confidence and skillset necessary to transition from a learning role to a professional role. He learned to constantly strive for improvement and to challenge himself to achieve greatness. Being paid for his work kept him motivated and committed to the company, as he felt that CSR News had faith in his abilities, which is what whoever decides to join the institute will get to experience.

CSR News is proud to launch this initiative and looks forward to helping develop the next generation of media professionals. For more information on the institute and its programmes, please visit www.csrnews.africa.

Interested individuals can also view the institute’s information pack on this link: https://docsend.africa/view/xtvuzmyxw4gm7kgz.


Tayira Ogu, CSR News Associate – Nigeria

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