FINALIST: With Time, Love and Cupcakes, Every Person Can Contribute To A Greater Cause.

Founded in 2012, Cupcakes of Hope has been dedicated to providing unwavering support to children battling cancer and their families. The organisation focuses on three pillars: financial assistance, emotional support, raising awareness about childhood cancer and the importance of early detection.

At the heart of Cupcakes of Hope is a community-driven approach, harnessing the universal appeal of baking to unite people of all ages in the fight against childhood cancer. The organisation’s signature events, such as #bake4cancer fundraisers and National Cupcake Day, encourage communities to come together, bake and sell cupcakes to support children with cancer. Cupcakes of Hope believes in the transformative power of a single cupcake, turning the simple act of baking into a powerful tool for fundraising, spreading joy and instilling hope.

What sets Cupcakes of Hope apart is its commitment to fundraising and educating the community about childhood cancer. The organisation believes that awareness is a crucial aspect of its mission, and it actively engages in initiatives to inform the public about the challenges faced by children with cancer and the critical importance of early detection.

The volunteers, affectionately known as Cupcake Angels, play a pivotal role in this community-centric approach. They have set numerous Guinness World Records using their baking talents, showcasing the organisation’s dedication to making a difference. Cupcakes of Hope goes beyond fundraising by offering a therapeutic platform for individuals who have lost loved ones to cancer, allowing them to contribute positively and keep the memories of their loved ones alive.

The multifaceted approach of financial assistance, emotional healing and educational outreach supports over 230 families monthly, addressing medical and daily needs. In addition, it delivers educational care bags to paediatric oncology wards, providing tools for fine motor skill development and helping children cope with the stress of hospitalisation.

Cupcakes of Hope celebrate significant milestones in the lives of children undergoing cancer treatment, including the last day of treatment, birthdays and a grand Christmas celebration. More than just providing gifts, the organisation believes in promoting the rights of each child, including the right to express opinions, equality, health, education, a clean environment and protection from harm.

Recognising the challenges faced by children who have lost their hair, limbs, or eyes to cancer, Cupcakes of Hope actively promotes body positivity. The organisation connects these children with others who have similar experiences and provides support through various creative outlets, such as art, writing and play therapy.

Corporate social investment is enhanced through engaging initiatives like Cupcakes of Hope, as they resonate with the public and foster community involvement. By allowing corporations to contribute in diverse ways, whether through financial donations, in-kind gifts, or participation in events, programmes like Cupcakes of Hope create a deeper connection with the cause, enabling more significant and widespread support.

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