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Our desktop research pushes the boundaries of knowledge.

We pioneer and celebrate discoveries and practical applications alike. As CSI practitioners, we value research as a potent form of learning.

CSR NEWS continually develops organizations and partnerships that foster interdisciplinary work.  Research is conducted by Professors, lecturers and PHD graduates across varying topics within CSI.  Our research explore new intellectual frontiers and attack important societal problems.

Our desktop research capabilities are enhanced through the work of our Journalists, experts and partners, who are active and keep an active research relationships with industry, and a wide range of global collaborations. In this work, the CSR NEWS serve as a crucial partner and a source of important research in our own right.



Simphiwe Mtetwa

Simphiwe Mtetwa


Simphiwe Mtetwa is the Editor-In-Chief of South Africa's leading Corporate Social Responsibility News Network. He leads in creative direction, strategy and graphic design, directing a team of experts who serve clients both directly and through available insight

Jane Mqamelo

Jane Mqamelo

Senior Editor

I am an excellent, experienced, reasonably priced freelance editor, able to improve any text, from matters such as grammar, punctuation and spelling to the deeper issues of structure, drama, tension, realism of dialogue and overall flow and readability of the text.

Liezl Russell

Liezl Russell


I am an Afrikaans and English journalist, content writer, and project coordinator. I specialise in creating well-researched, original content for print and online media. I am skilled at simplifying complex content while maintaining sophistication and nuance. I am able to write.


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