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Let Corporate Social Responsibility News South Africa be your go-to CSI strategic planner and communicator.

About Industry Relations

For years, Corporate Social Responsibility News South Africa (CSRNEWSSA) has been receiving requests to either connect projects with the right partners, or to communicate companies’ corporate social investment (CSI) plans. We’re now making it official; let CRSNEWSSA be your go-to CSI strategic planner and communicator. Why? Because we know CSI like the back of our hand.

While PR agencies can do a great job at advertising what you do, they are not steeped in the language and ethos of development work. CRSNEWSSA has over fifteen years of working hands-on in community development. We know the issues that affect community development, and are ideally placed to advise, strategise and communicate the content of your unique CSI offering

Meet The Team

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We have assembled a very cool team of PR managers, photographers and marketers to effectively promote your brand in all channels and messengers. You can be sure that we will not give up halfway, and we will definitely achieve high results for your brand.

Online Advertising

We use all modern methods of online promotion, all social networks and messengers, and platforms and share your programmes or projects with our over 3600 subscribers.

Offline Advocacy

We know how to effectively promote a projects and programmes offline allowing the right partners to notice your programme, thanks to our many years of experience.

Our Work: