Leadership Bench

We have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing community development by showcasing the best in South Africa’s CSI Thinking.

Leadership Bench is a thought leadership forum. On the Bench, we hear from current decision makers heading prominent organisations, who share both academic theories and practical, on- the-ground experiences in CSI. Leadership Bench gives guidance to the industry, introducing new trends and showcasing the best in CSI thinking, so that others may align and increase the impact of their own programmes.

Participation on the Leadership Bench gives you:

  • an introduction to industry as a leader in your sector;
  • four sophisticated leadership articles over twelve months, one for each quarter;
  • a high-impact social media presence on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts;
  • a leadership feature on the CSRNEWS website;
  • a prime spot on our widely read CSRNEWS industry newsletter;
  • an ‘Editor’s Mention’ in the personal email sent to our over 4000 CSI industry subscribers;
  • a profile and photo on the CSRNEWS digital technology platform;
  • three high-visibility banners on CSRNEWS and newsletters; and
  • a potential podcast interview.

The Bench In Numbers

Leadership Bench Executives
Million Rands combined budget
Million Rands dispersed through the Bench to NGOs and social entrepreneurs