PODCAST: Navigating Emotions: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

In this week’s CSR News episode, we explore the complexities of human emotions. Simphiwe, who is over 40 years old, talks about a personal experience that helped him understand how to deal with emotions better.

I went through a tough time when I learned about my brother’s tragic death. It made me think a lot about emotions. At first, I felt negative emotions like hate, anger, and bitterness. I turned to my faith for guidance and realized that letting these emotions control my life wouldn’t bring justice or healing.

Through prayer and self-reflection, I decided to let go of those negative feelings. This moment gave me the strength to reach out to the person I blamed for the tragedy. By apologizing and working together, I wanted to show how forgiveness and reconciliation, especially forgiving myself, can be powerful.

During the grieving process, I faced challenges within my own family. Despite hurt and anger from relatives, I stayed neutral. This experience taught me the importance of controlling emotions, even when facing pressure from others.

In the end, I chose to remember my brother with love and positivity. This perspective shows the determination to rise above negativity and become a better person in difficult times. Just like at work, obstacles will come our way. Finding positivity in seemingly negative situations gives us the chance to truly be free.

The journey shared in this episode shows that humans can manage and control their emotions. By choosing love, forgiveness, and mercy over hate, blame, and revenge, this episode demonstrates the potential for transformation in each of us. May this story bring hope and inspire others to handle their emotions with grace and resilience. Until next time, goodbye.

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  • Riah Phiyega says:

    Great testimony Simphiwe, a true catharsis for the real; experienced and lived emotions. keep engaging the process of dealing with the emotions, in of itself that is a therapeutic healing process.
    God knows the past, future, and everything in between, along with every possible change, because He is outside and above time. The creator is not subject to time, nor is He subject to matter or space like humans. God can see all things, including the future, because He is not restricted by linear time like we are. God has shown us eternity and time, but not beyond our own chronology. The future is unknown. God knows what is ahead (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

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