FINALIST: Nurturing Human Potential In Engineering, Science and Technology.

Investing in the future of Southern Africa’s children through education remains the fundamental pillar of a thriving economy. Sasol’s focus is on nurturing human potential, particularly in engineering, science and technology. They have set forth an ambitious and daring strategy to channel their investments into programmes that facilitate access to high-quality education.

In 2023 Sasol’s initiatives reached 270 Early Childhood Education centres and assisted 964 practitioners. Over 15,000 children under the age of six have reaped the benefits of this Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme in South Africa.

Furthermore, Sasol has granted comprehensive bursaries to 60 matriculants, providing them with the opportunity to pursue degrees in engineering, science, technology and the arts. Additionally, scholarships have been bestowed upon deserving individuals to pursue honours, masters and doctoral qualifications, specifically in sustainability research.

Since 2014, Sasol’s Foundation has generously contributed by donating 19 mobile science laboratories to universities, science centres and schools. Notably, many of these mobile labs are strategically placed in remote and rural areas. In Mozambique, The Sasol Foundation has made a significant impact by donating 1,200 science kits and 400 desks to various schools.

Through these concerted efforts, Sasol strives to make a lasting impact on the education landscape and empower the upcoming generations for a brighter future.

Simphiwe Mtetwa
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