FINALIST: Playing a Pivotal Role In Assisting Community-based Organisations

Hlanganisa Community Fund, a South African intermediary grant maker, is dedicated to providing catalytic support to grassroots organisations. Focused on underserved areas lacking essential information and services, the fund plays a pivotal role in assisting community-based organisations. Their approach involves not only offering necessary funding but also providing training to strengthen the impact of these organisations. Serving as vital gateways to critical services for marginalised communities, these organisations address numerous social challenges in South Africa, with a particular emphasis on combating gender-based violence, where women and girls with disabilities are disproportionately vulnerable.

Employing innovative strategies, Hlanganisa Community Fund actively supports community-based organisations in their efforts against gender-based violence. These resources raise awareness about the heightened susceptibility of women and girls with disabilities, facilitating their access to healing avenues and essential services such as healthcare, psychosocial support and legal aid. Some interventions have been implemented in schools for learners with sensory disabilities, ensuring their inclusion in initiatives affecting their well-being.

Over the past five years, the fund has provided crucial support to community-based organisations nationwide, offering staff training to enhance advocacy and engagement, particularly focusing on parents of children with disabilities who often face stigma. Recent initiatives include the development of an audiobook featuring narratives of blind women, emphasising the therapeutic power of storytelling for healing and justice. These innovative efforts contribute significantly to amplifying the voices of women with disabilities in society.

Simphiwe Mtetwa
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