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Date:  April 01 – June 30 – 2023

This Edition:  A call to Action for CSI in South Africa

I had hoped to begin this note with a different tone, but the reality is that South Africa is in a dire situation. CSI in our country is in significant danger, and my team and I are deeply concerned. We’ve been hard at work on initiatives focused on education, youth, and gender-based violence, and our recent quarterly review research has left us stunned.

Our research on youth and gender-based violence has been eye-opening, to say the least. The youth unemployment rate has risen drastically over the last decade, from 41 percent to 61.3 percent. To make matters worse, industry experts predict that the rate of youth unemployment may increase by 2-3 percentage points in the upcoming quarter. That means that by the time you read this, hundreds of thousands of young people will be without jobs, which is a deeply concerning trend.

Our investigation into ten corporates that support or fund Gender-Based Violence programmes revealed that their initiatives were more for show than for real impact. Upon closer examination of their programme descriptions, it’s evident that they focus heavily on non-tangible programmes like 24-hour support lines, call center support, trauma counselling, and psychosocial support. While these programmes are not necessarily ineffective, they don’t address the root causes of gender-based violence, nor do they prevent it from happening in the first place. It’s clear that these programmes are merely formalities that do not advance the cause when the actual funding for them is examined.

Our research on educational initiatives was equally concerning. Our schools are failing us and failing to teach effectively, which results in our universities graduating students without critical thinking skills, and teachers lacking the necessary resources or training. This is not new news, but it’s a problem that requires urgent attention.

Regarding CSI leadership, CSI managers seem to be visionless (sorry to be blunt) and averse to taking risks. They prefer to work on smaller little projects rather than larger-scale initiatives that could have a more significant impact. This mentality runs parallel to the education system that produces students without vision or critical thinking skills.

As we’ve seen from recent events, the consequences of ‘effective’ inaction are severe. Riots, looting, and suffering will only increase if we don’t take immediate action. That’s why my team and I are actively seeking out bold partners, solutions, programmes, and projects to support, collaborate with, and promote. We’re also seeking out decision champions who are willing to launch their initiatives on a larger scale, at a cost of between ZAR10 and ZAR25 million per annum or a ZAR100 million to ZAR1 billion rand over 5 to 10 years.

It’s time for a shift in mindset and approach. We need to stop funding initiatives that aren’t making a real difference and start investing in larger-scale projects that can have a significant impact. It’s time to take real action and make a difference in the lives of South Africans.

Programmes to Address Pressing Challenges

We have developed an array of programmes to tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time – look below. This quarter, we’re placing a particular emphasis on Youth, Women, Gender-Based Violence, and Education.  In all of these areas, we will be focusing on programme designed to empower these groups. Specifically, we will be taking a deep dive into teacher programmes and training in education to support this goal.

Happy working together – see you in the next quarter!

God bless & Kudos

Simphiwe Mtetwa
Chief Editor


CSI Magazine (MATTER)

Exploring Leaders and Programmes in Education, Gender Based Violence, and Youth Advocacy

In this edition, we will showcase the experiences and contributions of leaders in the fields of education, teacher education, Gender Based Violence, and youth advocacy. We’ll delve into their personal journeys and the programmes and projects they spearhead.  Additionally, we’ll highlight the most successful initiatives and the driving forces behind their leaders. Through examining various theories and opportunities for collaboration, we’ll also identify any gaps in current programmes.

We’ll ask industry experts where their priorities lie and what business executives and CSI programme developers should prioritise in today’s social, educational, youth, and GBV crisis climate. Furthermore, we’ll hear from advocates, including specialists in teacher education, education, youth, GBV, and girls’ programmes.



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