Why South African Born Youth Are Unemployable

For more than ten years, a small business owner has been leading in the ever-changing South African economy, where they really care about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This person discusses the challenges of working with the nation’s young workforce because they have a clear vision and a strong commitment to success.

CSR News South Africa spoke to a young female leader who prefers not to reveal her name. She wants to start a strong conversation about the issue of youth unemployment in South Africa.

The business owner has seen their company grow from 500,000 rands to just under 10 million rands in the past ten years. They attribute their success to staying true to their mission. The business owner stresses how important it is to stick to the vision and make sure the team understands how the business works.

The business owner is worried about the job opportunities for young people in South Africa. They believe that young people might have unrealistic expectations because of what they see in the media about success in fancy offices. In reality, the business world may not match what the next generation is hoping for, leading to conflicting expectations.

The business owner notices a concerning trend among young South Africans at work. They see a sense of entitlement and a reluctance to learn about the complexities of the business. New employees often suggest unnecessary changes, which the business owner thinks could limit the company’s growth and success.

The business owner remembers experiences with new hires who wanted to change old procedures without understanding the details. They stress the importance of sticking to the current way of doing things and avoiding unnecessary changes.

A CEO of a 25 million rand business said, “I’ve found that young people are not willing to learn – I employ 15 in South Africa – they don’t have essential skills, work other jobs, and think work is like what they see on TV.” They don’t listen, and all they care about is getting paid. But you can’t fire everyone, or you’ll end up working alone, the CEO says.

One top executive on the business owner’s team makes an important point: just completing a task is not enough. The focus should be on getting results that match the task’s goals. This challenges the idea that finishing a task equals success, emphasizing the importance of understanding the bigger impact of one’s work.

Despite the challenges of bringing young South Africans into the company, the business owner remains hopeful about finding solutions. By addressing the generation gap and managing unrealistic expectations, they aim to create a work environment that values mentoring, training, and pursuing meaningful goals. The journey continues, with the business owner committed to building a team that not only supports the goal but also makes significant contributions to its achievement.

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