Trevor Noah Foundation Partners With CSRNEWS And Unpacks Their Vision

When it comes to development, many in this space know the work it takes to create and build a programme that really impacts lives.In 2018, the Trevor Noah Foundation was launched at a school in Gauteng. The Foundation focuses on advancing education through a number of leadership, skills development  and teacher training initiatives, including partnering with 10 high-performing but poorly resourced schools.

Trevor always shines a spotlight on South Africa when he refers to his roots in Soweto, even at the most star-studded events in the world. 

The Trevor Noah Foundation has achieved a great deal in its four short years and is now partnering with CSRNEWS to bring its work to the attention of the South African CSI sector.

Our next issue of CSI magazine  (MATTER) features Trevor on the cover, and an in-depth look at the activities of his Foundation.

At its launch, Trevor spoke eloquently on the paralysis one feels when wanting to help but not knowing what to do. To break through this paralysis, he formed his Foundation which will tackle the root causes of so many of our challenges.

The Foundation is run in South Africa by Hawaii native and NYU Masters graduate, Ms. Shalane Yuen, who made South Africa her home well before the Trevor Noah Foundation came to be. The Foundation is now exploring deeper collaboration possibilities in the South African development sector.

We are excited to be releasing this issue of MATTER on June 16, as it marks the most important date on the South African calendar – a date that speaks to the youth. With the buoyant, brilliant smile of Trevor on the cover, we will be covering a number of issues in the magazine: We’ll explore the work that the Trevor Noah Foundation has been doing in South Africa in the last five years, hear how hands-on Trevor is, and find out how you can potentially partner with their expansion. 

The issue will also feature the work of a number of other leading partners such as Vodacom, Standard Bank, Old Mutual Insure, Sun International, AECI, the Road Accident Fund, and Indalo Inclusive, all of which will be speaking about the programmes they run, from education to the green economy.

What a two years it has been for the CSI community! We have had Covid, riots and looting, droughts, fires at UCT and Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, and raging floods that destroyed homes and livelihoods. Added to all of this has been load shedding, during which our economy regularly grinds to a halt. How have we handled it? What should we be doing in readiness for the next big thing?

Find out in this issue of MATTER.

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