Framing Memories Of Our Loved Ones To Preserve Their Memories

A beautiful frame can uplift a room and accentuate the beauty of your art, while also protecting your memories, achievements or valuable art.

South Art Centre has been in business since 1996; they are framing experts who ensure good quality as well as beauty. They also sell art, art supplies, mirrors, ornaments, as well as offering art and pottery lessons for adults and children, printing, and they do commissioned paintings as well, and sell selected paintings wholesale to the public.

We spoke to them to find out why a beautifully framed picture can be so meaningful.

1. What is the secret to a beautifully framed picture?

We always advise our clients to choose a frame that suits their personal style, décor, architecture and most importantly the picture itself. We try to create contrast in the picture using complimentary colours to accentuate what is being framed and to bring out the beauty of the picture.

2. How do you choose the right frame for your picture?

We find a similar or complimentary colour in your picture to go with the frame. For example, black and white pictures go well with black and white frames, with mount board combinations, or with grays and silver. We also look at where you will be putting the picture and who the picture is for. For example, we would use soft, pale or neutral colours, or bright lively colours for baby pictures.

3. How do you choose the style of the frame?

Choose something sophisticated and modern to make your certificate or family photo stand out, or an antique style frame for your vintage oil painting. At the end of the day, the frame must be something that you like, while also bringing out the best in your picture.

4. Should frames match the décor of the room where the picture will be placed?

We generally try to advise our customers to choose a frame that will be a happy medium between matching the room where the framed picture will be placed and the picture itself, as well as suiting their personal style.

Customers should also take into consideration that they might renovate or change the colours and décor in the future – in this case, matching the picture would be more advisable.

Some customers also frame pictures as a gift for someone else. We generally advise them to choose simple neutral colours for the frame and mount board, so that the person receiving the gift will be able to put their framed picture anywhere in their house or business without having to worry about it clashing with anything else.

It doesn’t always have to match your décor perfectly. Sometimes the most sophisticated houses mix modern and classic wherever possible.

5. Why is framing considered to be an art form?

Pictures by themselves can be beautiful, but the framing makes all the difference.

Framing correctly can make something mundane look interesting and lively, and framing behind glass also protects your pictures from age-related damage.

Art is about feeling. If looking at a piece makes you feel happy or nostalgic or optimistic, then it means something to you.

6. Why should you choose a professional framer instead of framing pictures yourself?

Some of the equipment used in framing is considered dangerous, and should only be used by an expert. It takes a lot of skill and training to know how to frame correctly. It is also difficult to frame your own pictures professionally since mouldings suppliers do not supply to the public, and the machinery and equipment used in framing is expensive, so it actually works out more affordable to get your pictures framed professionally. There is also a lot of wastage, which ends up costing a lot for individuals who frame at home. We can also frame more complicated items like school blazers/rugby jackets/awards etc.

7. How can you protect your framed photos?

Try not to put them in direct sunlight or anywhere too humid like in a bathroom or outdoors.  Wrap them in plastic when transporting. We also provide UV protect museum glass on request, which is used on valuable artwork that you want to save from sun damage over time.

You can clean the frame gently with a damp or dry cloth. We also offer repairs and the cleaning of frames and paintings, depending on what needs to be done, as well as the restoration of damaged oil paintings.

We also do delivery, collection and consulting.

Contact us on email:  Tell: 011 433 0323

Or visit our store 37 Vorster Avenue, Glenanda, Johannesburg, 2091.

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm

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