Freed – But In Chains

In this podcast, I recount a pivotal turning point in my journey within the CSI industry in South Africa. After an enlightening conversation with a client, my perspective was strengthened, fueling my drive to continue on my mission. I’ve gained a new appreciation for the weighty responsibility of managing social assets, and a book recommendation titled “The Manifesto for a Moral Revolution” proved to be a catalyst for my transformed outlook.

Drawing on the biblical story of the Israelites seeking the Promised Land, I draw parallels to the present-day CSI industry in South Africa, emphasizing the need for a mindset shift. I introduce a bold 25-year plan called “Towards 2050”, which aims to uplift communities and challenge outdated beliefs.

This podcast comes with a write-up that underscores the importance of collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations who share a commitment to genuine transformation. I conclude by stressing the significance of breaking free from outdated thinking, embracing authentic change, and working collectively to create a brighter future for South Africa.

Simphiwe Mtetwa
Simphiwe Mtetwa is South Africa’s leading Corporate Social Responsibility news, media and publishing firm. We create content on social responsibility, helping government, corporates, consultants, NPOs and NGOs to reach their target markets through appropriate, targeted development news.

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