Gaza, Israel and South Africa’s Social Responsibility Response

We are collaborating with local stakeholders to determine the best course of action in aiding those gravely impacted.


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Our team has recently dedicated considerable time to examining the ongoing situation in Gaza. Whilst striving to maintain neutrality on this globally significant issue, we have been profoundly impacted by traumatic images depicting children losing their parents and enduring various hardships.

As a South African company in the social development sector, witnessing the distressing scenes in Gaza has prompted us to reflect on our role and responsibility.

The proximity of Jerusalem to Gaza, a mere 74 to 76 km, has led us to explore avenues for collaboration in addressing the social disaster unfolding in the region. Last year, a company from Jerusalem participated in the South African CSI Legacy Awards, highlighting the geographical closeness and the need for shared responsibility. Discussions are underway with the organisation’s leader, to explore potential solutions to provide meaningful assistance to those affected by the conflict.

We recognise the urgent need for aid, particularly food and water, and we are navigating the complexities of how South African businesses and corporates can contribute effectively. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, channelled through The GivenGroup Foundation, are actively engaged with stakeholders in Jerusalem to determine the most impactful ways to support the affected communities.

In a bid to facilitate immediate assistance, we are exploring partnerships, programmes and products that align with our commitment to social development. We want to assure our stakeholders that our focus is not on taking sides in the conflict but on championing life and social progress. Therefore, we are actively seeking avenues to provide aid, support and assistance to both Palestinians and Israelis who have suffered losses and require help.

To streamline the process, we will be presenting opportunities for individuals and organisations to contribute funds for on-the-ground efforts. We are working with our partners in Jerusalem to ensure that products are South African branded, symbolising our collective commitment to making a difference.

As we embark on this journey, we invite those willing to join us in our efforts to reach out. For inquiries and collaboration, please contact us at We are in the early stages of planning, acknowledging our limited knowledge of the situation. However, we are resolute in our commitment to making a meaningful impact in rebuilding lives and fostering peace in a region that has endured profound losses.


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