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Kellogg’s advocates equity, diversity and inclusion – its core values. Zandile Mposelwa, Corporate Affairs Director, indicates ‘… we want our employees to reach their potential within the company. When they do this, the organisation meets and delivers on its vision and purpose. That drives success.’

Zandile is responsible for the company’s local CSI-programme, and for the South African chapter of Women of Kellogg, under the Business Employee Resource Groups (BERG). They focus on education and empowerment of women. ‘… we have mentorship programmes for women, ensuring support for women with career ambitions, and mentors to guide their ambitions.’ Their mission statement is clear:

‘Through education, conversation and opportunity, we empower women and engage men to advocate for gender equity in the workplace – and in the world – in support of our individual success, collective advancement and business improvement.’

The BERG CSI-programmes reach out widely. The Better Days programme makes 46700 breakfasts available for children every day! South African households are mostly mother-led, and Kellogg’s takes on the responsibility of one meal a day. The company values partners like the Department of Basic Education, through whom channels are opened up so that the food reaches schools. The Dairy Group took responsibility for the milk supply, and Food Forward SA ensures that food is delivered to schools.

Pursuing equity, diversity and inclusivity, whilst managing to feed over 45 000 youngsters per day seems overwhelming. But Zandile sits on the Executive Board, a platform of representation: ‘I’m here for the Women of Kellogg who need me to advocate for them.’

Zandile is from the poverty-stricken Eastern Cape. ‘I know what hunger looks like. So, I need to make sure that I advocate, support and make decisions at Kellogg’s to make change and social impact in impoverished communities.’

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