Ingrid Skhosana – Leading Women In CSI – Month of May 2023 – Speaks IS Consulting, Transformation and Social Sustainability

IS-Consulting focuses on socio-economic development, transformation and corporate social sustainability, working with entrepreneurs to establish viable businesses with long-term stability. ‘We help to establish and accelerate growth and success in small businesses, addressing societal challenges of economic inclusion, poverty alleviation, climate-change resilience and sustainable living.’

Ingrid Skhosana, Chief Impact Officer, says their sole focus is having a positive impact – the key to social upliftment. Their corporate social strategies include larger businesses and individual entrepreneurs: ‘We split the two because our funding comes from big corporates using BBBEE and Transformation Funds. With those funds we work with small NGOs, communities and SMMEs.’

Youth development is close to their heart, but there is a strong focus on women, people living with disabilities, not excluding men, and organisations that support the fight against gender-based violence.

‘We went through vigorous training to understand to communicate with people affected by gender-based violence. Together with ‘A 1000 Woman Trust’, who do much of the implementation in communities, skills development on dealing with trauma and where to go to for help, IS-Consulting provides counselling in affected communities, supporting SAPS in these areas.’

Getting financial support is tough. Financial partnership with a corporate depends on identifying the company’s area of interest and aligning the organisation’s programme. Funding is often directed towards human development, poverty alleviation, education – objectives like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

It is really linked to personal development. Basic skills are needed, like getting products in the market, stock-control and cash-flow management. Often, the biggest challenge in small businesses is people living hand-to-mouth.

The IS-Consulting-team understands basic needs, holds personal development workshops, teaches basic life skills, and provides mentoring for families.

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