Still Painting Schools And Building Food Gardens For Mandela Day ? Aagh Shame Man!!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably triggered a significant transformation in our perception and handling of societal challenges. It has unmistakably revealed shortcomings in the financing models, programme designs, and overall approach to social initiatives within Corporate Social Investment (CSI) organisations. As we move past this crisis, progressive and contemporary CSI Managers have reassess and adapted their strategies to address the genuine needs of our communities. They have realign their CSI funding with the evolving national landscape to meet the changing demands of the present times.

The pandemic has exposed the inadequacy of our funding models and programme designs in addressing such challenges. Despite these brutal realities, some CSI initiatives in South Africa continue to use ineffective and outmoded methods. It is disheartening to see certain CSI efforts lose the opportunity to allocate programme funding strategically to address urgent issues, especially in light of the pandemic’s revelation of the living conditions of our citizens, in which basic measures such as social isolation were impossible. There is an imperative need for more thoughtful and original approaches to improve societal welfare.

As South Africa has evolved, so have our communities’ necessities. CSI must acknowledge and adapt to these shifting circumstances. The education system, for instance, has undergone significant changes, with hybrid learning models gaining popularity. As children now learn online, traditional strategies such as building physical classrooms are no longer the most effective method to support education. Corporate environments have similarly embraced remote work and coworking spaces, rendering office-centric initiatives obsolete.

To have a significant impact, CSI programmes and initiatives must adapt to this new reality. This requires recognising that the needs of the community have evolved since the pre-COVID era. It should be a priority to provide essentials such as shelter, safety, security, and nutritional security. By addressing these fundamental requirements, individuals can regain their dignity and autonomy, allowing them to make choices that are in line with their aspirations.

CSI initiatives must go beyond superficial gestures and activities (I can’t believe I’m still writing this in 2023, two years after a global pandemic). Although painting classrooms and establishing gardens are not inherently negative, they are no longer adequate. Instead, the focus should be on providing innovative, long-term solutions for housing, nutritional security, and education, which will have a greater impact on society.

Mandela Day should be a time to highlight SIGNIFICANT transformation, a day of service and generosity. Instead of repeating projects from the past, organisations should use this day to present ambitious, forward-thinking initiatives that reflect the current realities and future requirements of the communities they serve. This requires original thought, meticulous planning, and a willingness to question the status quo.

Corporate Social Investment requires a novel approach in the post-COVID environment. Organisations involved in CSI must recognise the significant changes that have taken place and amend their strategies, initiatives, and funding models accordingly. Focusing on genuine requirements and developing innovative, sustainable solutions, CSI can play a crucial role in constructing a stronger, more resilient society that promotes dignity, security, and hope for all. Let’s take advantage of this chance to redefine Mandela Day and contribute to the future improvement of our communities.

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