Vodacom’s Gender Based Violence Programmes

In recent years, the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) has become increasingly prevalent in South Africa. Vodacom, one of South Africa’s leading mobile network providers, has taken a proactive stance in addressing this issue and has implemented various initiatives aimed at combating GBV in the country.

One of the key initiatives launched by Vodacom is the Bright Sky SA app, which is designed to provide support and assistance to victims of GBV. The app offers a range of features, including a directory of nearby support services, a questionnaire to help users assess the safety of their relationships, and an emergency button that allows users to contact the police or other emergency services.

Vodacom has also partnered with various organizations and NGOs working in the field of GBV to provide funding and support. In 2020, the company donated R10 million to the Solidarity Fund, which was established to provide relief and support to South Africans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including victims of GBV.

Additionally, Vodacom has launched various campaigns to raise awareness about GBV and encourage people to speak out against it. One such campaign, called #BeTheLight, involved the illumination of various landmarks and buildings across South Africa in orange, the color of the UN’s campaign against GBV. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about GBV and encourage people to take action to end it.

Vodacom has also taken steps to address GBV within its own organization, with the implementation of a comprehensive GBV policy and the establishment of an internal GBV committee. The company has also provided training and support to its employees to ensure that they are equipped to identify and respond to GBV in the workplace.

In recognition of its efforts to combat GBV, Vodacom was awarded the Corporate Social Investment Award at the 2020 Gender Mainstreaming Awards, which recognize organizations that have made a significant contribution to advancing gender equality in South Africa.

In conclusion, Vodacom’s work in addressing GBV in South Africa is commendable and has made a significant impact in the fight against this pervasive issue. Through its initiatives, partnerships, and campaigns, the company has demonstrated its commitment to creating a safer and more equitable society for all South Africans.

Simphiwe Mtetwa
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