Woolworths’ Gender Based Violence Programmes

Woolworths, one of the largest retailers in the country, has taken a stand against gender-based violence by implementing a range of initiatives aimed at preventing and addressing this issue.

Woolworths recognizes that gender-based violence is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach. One of the key initiatives that Woolworths has implemented is a workplace policy that explicitly prohibits gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace. This policy outlines what constitutes gender-based violence and harassment, the consequences for perpetrating such acts, and the support available to victims.

In addition to its workplace policy, Woolworths has also taken steps to support victims of gender-based violence. For example, Woolworths has partnered with Rape Crisis, an organization that provides support and advocacy services to survivors of sexual violence. Woolworths has donated funds to support Rape Crisis’s work, and the two organizations have collaborated to raise awareness about gender-based violence and the support available to survivors.

Woolworths has also made an effort to raise awareness about gender-based violence among its employees and customers. The company has held training sessions for its employees to help them understand the issue of gender-based violence, how to identify it, and how to respond appropriately. Woolworths has also launched a public awareness campaign aimed at educating customers about gender-based violence and encouraging them to speak out against it.

Perhaps one of the most innovative initiatives that Woolworths has implemented is a mobile counseling service for its employees. This service provides employees with access to confidential counseling services via their mobile phones. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides support to employees who may be experiencing gender-based violence or other personal issues.

Woolworths’ efforts to address gender-based violence are commendable, but the company recognizes that there is still much work to be done. In a statement on the company’s website, Woolworths acknowledges that “gender-based violence is a social issue that requires collective action.” The company is committed to continuing its efforts to prevent and address gender-based violence, and to working with other organizations and individuals to create a safer and more equitable society.

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