CSI Legacy Awards 2024 – Editor’s Note

As the season changes, we’re seeing some exciting developments in our industry. We’re excited to announce the launch of the Givenco Foundation, a project that we’ve been working hard on. This foundation will focus on three key areas.

  • First Responders and Disaster Relief: Supporting those who are at the forefront of disaster response efforts.
  • Fund Management: Ensuring effective allocation of resources to make a positive impact.
  • Million Home Projects: A comprehensive initiative encompassing various programs aimed at achieving our ambitious housing goals.

We’re thrilled about these programs and are preparing for the official launch, scheduled for January or February of 2024.

In other news, the CSI Legacy Awards are experiencing remarkable growth. We’re honored to witness the nominations of outstanding companies such as Blackam, Reller, Sassel, and many other new players in this esteemed recognition. We’re also pleased to announce the nominations for our panel of judges and adjudicators. Every two years, we seek new talents within the CSI industry to ensure the program remains dynamic and innovative.

If you need professionals to help with your annual reports, social responsibility reports, or reports to society, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find my email and cell phone number below.

As we welcome spring, let’s take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and gather our best work for the upcoming CSI Legacy Awards. Remember, the nomination period for new judges and adjudicators, as well as award categories, will close in two weeks.

We’re also excited to introduce a new award category: “Companies Working with Disability.” This category celebrates and empowers the visually and physically impaired community, whether they are within or outside the CSI sector. If you’re involved in disability-related projects, this platform offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your achievements and best practices.

Once again, we extend a warm welcome to this edition of our platform. We hope you enjoy the content, and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Simphiwe Mtetwa
Simphiwe Mtetwa is South Africa’s leading Corporate Social Responsibility news, media and publishing firm. We create content on social responsibility, helping government, corporates, consultants, NPOs and NGOs to reach their target markets through appropriate, targeted development news.

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