Partner With UCT Online High School To Empower Economically-Disadvantaged Learners Across South Africa

UCT Online High School is redefining the traditional school experience by putting a child’s education and well-being first. They give a top-tier learning experience personalised to each learner’s specific needs using cutting-edge, data-driven technologies.

They recognise that attaining success in life necessitates more than just having access to opportunities; it also necessitates ongoing inspiration and assistance. As a result, they’ve built an unrivalled online learning support system to assure the well-being of every learner enrolled in their online school. They provide high schoolers with the necessary skills to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

They are pleased to announce the launch of their new scholarship programme, the ”UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme,” which seeks to enrol 500 talented learners from economically-disadvantaged communities. This programme is intended to provide academically qualified learners who will positively contribute to our country’s future. UCT Online High School has received an overwhelming response since its launch of the programme on July 31, 2023, with over 8,000 families showing interest in applying for the partial scholarships (50% of the monthly tuition and 100% of the grade 12 SACAI Examination Fee) for Grade 8-11 National Senior Certificate (NSC) for the forthcoming academic year in January 2024.

The Learning Liberated Scholarship programme offers partial scholarships for January 2024 to make education more accessible to a diverse range of learners who may not afford the full tuition. This approach allows for more efficient distribution of financial aid, supporting a larger number of learners with available funds. Additionally, funding through donations and philanthropy increases support for the programme, as donors can see their tangible impact on multiple learners. Partial scholarships also foster a sense of commitment among recipients to maintain academic performance, leading to higher success rates. Furthermore, this financial assistance helps learners and their families manage rising education costs.

We are thrilled to see the overwhelming interest in the Learning Liberated Scholarships Programme from over 8,000 families even before the official application process begins.’ Given the high demand, we have revised our academic accomplishment standards to have a greater impact on learners across the country. Furthermore, it is evident to us that South African families require financial aid to enhance their children’s education, and we are ready to make a huge difference with the support of our business partners” Munei Tshiovhe, Corporate Partnerships Manager at UCT Online High School.

We are all aware that South Africa’s educational system is facing enormous challenges, such as teacher shortages, limited facilities, and insufficient resources, which limit young people’s access to quality education. In response, UCT Online High School provides an innovative and cost-effective alternative that ensures all learners receive a high-quality education. The ”UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme” is now accessible for learners who may not be able to afford the full tuition due to the kind support of several corporate and philanthropic partners.

The ”UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme” is accepting applications until midnight of October 31, 2023. Candidates who have been shortlisted will be notified in early December 2023, with successful recipients starting their studies in January 2024. Their unique learning methodology blends self-paced learning with structured flexibility, allowing them to change their teaching techniques based on data-driven insights, resulting in considerable learning gains for learners of all grade levels.

Join them in enabling the future of South Africa by funding, supporting, sponsoring, or collaborating to make education more accessible to economically- disadvantaged learners.

Please view this proposal to learn more about: UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme.

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