Meet Khaya Tyatya: South Africa’s Rising CSI Strategist

In today’s rapidly changing world, it has become increasingly evident that sustainable socioeconomic development is vital. Enter Khaya Tyatya – a dedicated husband and father of two from a family of seven, who spent his formative years in the Eastern Cape.

Driven by a strong desire to make a meaningful impact on society, Khaya is the visionary behind Iqhawe Consulting, a growing consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Khaya Tyatya founded Iqhawe Consulting with the noble goal of providing comprehensive research and consulting services in the sphere of socio-economic development. More than just a consultancy, Iqhawe aims to create lasting and positive change in the communities it serves. Iqhawe Consulting’s clientele is corporate social investment business units, non-profit organisations, and foundations in the education sector. Through various engagements, they have provided invaluable services such as strategy facilitation, research, and consultancy.

From literature reviews to quantitative data analysis, Iqhawe has been instrumental in formulating effective strategies and business plans. Khaya’s educational journey began in a small village in the Eastern Cape and continued through tertiary studies in the same province. In 2014, he ventured to Johannesburg to work for a prominent NGO in the education sector.

For nearly a decade, he has been wholeheartedly committed to socio-economic development, culminating in the establishment of Iqhawe Consulting. Iqhawe Consulting excels in two key services for its clients. First, they provide expertise in strategy development and facilitation, assisting organisations in defining their visions and missions. They then offer technical support to translate these visions into actionable strategies and business plans.

Secondly, Iqhawe Consulting specialises in research services, conducting thorough desktop research, landscape and literature reviews, to provide invaluable insights to their clients. Furthermore, they conduct baseline, midline, and endline assessments for various projects, all aimed at measuring the impact and effectiveness of initiatives. What sets Iqhawe Consulting apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainable consultancy. Instead of merely completing projects and moving on, Iqhawe focuses on initiatives intended to drive sustainable socioeconomic development. They are unafraid to challenge their clients when necessary, ensuring that projects have a lasting and meaningful effect on the community.

Iqhawe Consulting envisions itself as a collaborative entity, thriving on strategic partnerships with clients and stakeholders who share their vision of creating lasting change in development. Through joint efforts with CSI/Philanthropic organisations and non-profits, Iqhawe aims to bring about positive societal transformation. Recognising the immense potential of CSI and philanthropic organisations in driving socioeconomic development, Iqhawe Consulting offers its expertise and guidance to help these funders make informed and strategic decisions in allocating resources to impactful projects. Empowering these organisations to make a tangible difference in many lives is at the core of Iqhawe’s mission.

Khaya Tyatya’s journey from the Eastern Cape to Johannesburg, coupled with his unwavering commitment to creating lasting change, has given birth to Iqhawe Consulting. With a focus on sustainable consultancy and a passion for driving socio-economic development, Iqhawe Consulting stands as a beacon of hope for a better and more equitable future. Through strategic partnerships and research-backed solutions, Iqhawe Consulting is making significant strides in transforming communities and propelling South Africa towards a brighter tomorrow.

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