Observations on the CSI South Africa Economy and the Importance of Adapting to Change

After the close of the first quarter of 2023, we’ve noticed a fascinating trend in the realm of CSI in South Africa. The former CEO of Nokia once stated, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we still lost.” These words resonated with us. Nokia was a dominant force for years, yet it failed to adapt to the changing times and ultimately collapsed, missing its chance to leave a legacy.

The lesson here is that failing to read the signs of change can lead to missed opportunities. CSI in South Africa has shifted, and we must adjust accordingly. Conversations with modern CEOs, executives, and CSI managers have confirmed this shift. We also noticed the change in the nominations we received for the recent CSI Legacy Awards.

It’s time for everyone working in CSI to review their strategies. We understand that change can be challenging, but it’s necessary to make progress. To assist during this transformation, we’ve launched the CSI Quarterly programme, and we hope that our findings will benefit you.

Visit the link provided to discover the opportunities available to you and your projects during this time of change. 

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This quarter  serves as a sneak peek into our upcoming ‘quarterly report.’  We will share recent research discoveries and provide a glimpse into our literature findings. Stay tuned for more!

This shift toward a new strand of social investment is increasing access to essential services like housing, healthcare, and education, allowing South Africa to take a significant step toward a more inclusive and equitable society. Our upcoming quarter will focus on youth and gender and education, as a youth crisis is currently plaguing our country. Youth unemployment is expected to rise to 63 percent by the end of the current quarter. This alarming statistic highlights the importance of focusing on our youth.

To address this issue, we’re inviting reputable experts and youth specialists to examine the fundamental strands of creating successful youth programs. We’re taking a deep dive into this area to create invaluable literature for our industry. We have many other exciting programs, such as our CSR News Gender Based Violence Concert Benefit launching in May, which we could mention. Still, for now, let’s all go out and create programs that will leave a lasting legacy.

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